He re-enrolls after Noah's death and participates in a memorial concert.Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans) takes an interest in Kim and feigns drowning to get his attention only for it to backfire and end up struggling for real. Matilda overhears Kim talking to Robbie and saying he will ask out his sister.He made his first on screen appearance on 17 February 2004 and departed on 3 July 2007.

Kim is shocked when Barry is unmasked as the murderer of local mayor Josh West (Daniel Collopy) who blackmailed him about the death of Kim's mother, Kerry and stands by his father.

During this time, Charlie Mc Kinnon (Matt Levett) befriends Kim and Rachel and becomes dangerously obsessed with Kim.

Amid the spotlight now being trained on gender inequity in Hollywood, the fact that Mark Wahlberg received an additional $1.5 million for reshoots, a sum not offered to his co-star Michelle Williams, has provoked outrage.

Kimberly Jonathan "Kim" Hyde was a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Chris Hemsworth.

The moment is interrupted when the three witness Noah Lawson (Beau Brady) wipe out while surfing. Robbie and Tasha are impressed with his heroics and suggest he join a swimming team, which Kim declines having previously been on one.

Kim and Barry's relationship becomes more and more strained to the point where Kim moves in with Tasha and Irene Roberts.

His ex, Brooke Mc Pherson (Alyssa Mc Clelland) returns, telling him he is the father of her son Charlie.

Kim is furious when realises Barry knew about the child but grows to love Charlie.

Kim dates Eve Jacobsen (Emily Perry), who is using the identity of Zoe Mc Callister.

When Kim returns from the city after a break, he is alarmed to learn that Eve has apparently died and was the Summer Bay Stalker.

Charlie kidnaps Rachel but he is foiled and instituationalised.