His latest work is entitled Butterfly in shades of blue and was premiered on the stage of the Dragon Theatre last weekend with Ceri Bostock and Iago Mc Guire performing.Both Ceri and Iago have creditable of theatre, film and television work which adds further valiue and credibility to the work. The finely crafted characters are believable throughout, not an easy thing to achieve in a play that portrays two peoples development over a span of about 17years.

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Except where noted all of these films were photographed in black and white, produced by Hal Roach, and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Also, except where noted, all short films are two reels in length.

It's a typical day at the woodshop for Stanley and Oliver, getting jammed in windows, puncturing water pipes, getting stuck to glue brushes, having tiffs with their co-workers, and finally getting their car cut in half in a giant band-saw.

It is not often that audiences in rural communities get the chance to see the first performance of a new work but in Barmouth on Friday just such an opportunity occurred.

The following is a list of known foreign-language versions of Laurel and Hardy films.

Note: A lost German-language version of The Hollywood Revue of 1929 was made, Wir Schalten um auf Hollywood (We switch to Hollywood), and released in 1931. M.'s Big Parade of Comedy.* Written, produced, and directed by Robert Youngson. * Features clips from Thicker than Water (1935), 45 Minutes from Hollywood (1926), Sugar Daddies (1927), The Second Hundred Years (1927), Call of the Cuckoo (1927), Putting Pants on Philip (1927), The Battle of the Century (1927), Leave 'Em Laughing (1928), The Finishing Touch (1928), From Soup to Nuts (1928), You're Darn Tootin' (1928), Two Tars (1928), Habeas Corpus (1928), We Faw Down (1928), Liberty (1929), Wrong Again (1929), and Double Whoopee (1929).* Written by Bill Scott.Of course there is also the usual "in the camera looking" by Hardy(the scene with the sigar! Busy Bodies is for me their best short feature and equals their long masterpiece Way Out West (10/10).Laurel & Hardy are truely the Kings of slapstick comedy,if you haven't seen this one you haven't lived!Ed Penney, known to many for his dentistry skills has another skill, he is also a writer.In recent years Ed has turned full time to writing for the stage and screen.In 1992, 19, respectively, Big Business, The Music Box and Sons of the Desert were added to the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".