Network Leopard OSX 10.5 (Leopard) basic screenshots only, but see also ... Some older versions of Airport software require that your WEP key be entered using a special prefix.

validating identity problem on wireless-24validating identity problem on wireless-85

If using a wireless connection and you still cannot connect, you will need the name of your network and either the WPA passphrase or WEP key (these settings are stored on the router). If you cannot see your wireless network, but you can see others, then confirm your router's wireless settings.

If you cannot see ANY wireless networks, then check that your wireless network adapter is working (e.g.

If using a Windows PC, and Internet Explorer says that it is working offline, click File then uncheck Work Offline (press Alt once to make the Menu Bar appear in IE7).

If you still cannot connect, then restart your computer and retry.

These are usually the default settings for any retail router.

Note that Comcast and other cable networks usually provide one external IP address for whatever the next Ethernet device is connected to the modem.

This information is also publicly available by web search.

Refer to Netgear's web site for documentation (use the router's model number and version information, usually found on a label on the base of the unit).

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