Thanks for the info, and for taking the time to give all us STALKER fans another run for NO MONEY!I'm quite excited to see this game continue to grow well past the point of having so much more quality content than the original 3 games, it's like a 4th game that was released as an expansion. I love the concept, and the game, and especially the addons, but it is a royal pain in the *** to download 8 different addons about once a week, only for the game to break sometimes upon updating.

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Thought it was static at first, but walking into it made it bounce a bit. cause x2 eats 20 FPS for me and without it i see stairs on the screen : D Fresh install with 1.4.22 patch.

I load in game fine but my weapons are invisible(knife included). If consumables isn't reset now then there need some kind repack now. And still same suggestion implement droped weapon script.

i wonder if the barkeep of Rostok will be able to give you quests in an upcoming update and are campfire jokes enabled in this game?

If you are blocking updates, the Fire TV Stick will not allow you to complete the initial setup.

If it's a Win RAR, and you have .zip, simply right-click and choose archive, there it shows all supported file types on .zip, choose and open it, then highlight all of the files, and extract them to downloads. It will be release when it will be done, I hope in the beginning of 2017.

There, you will go into the file, look for bin and database folders, copy them, and paste them in the Co C folder, don't paste them into the separate folders themselves, considering they're the same thing, so when you paste them into the Co C folder itself, it'll ask you to replace the files. The geometry is done, the sounds/particles/details too. It's a big truck, like the death truck from SHo C, but without the big tent and bars over it.

It is one of very few STALKER mods that has had that potential, and we all see it. Making a search I found this repo: but it only contains the configs and scripts folders.

I also found a post with this dropbox link: but it has been blocked for "generating too much traffic".

It features 32 explorable maps, reworked level design and level fixes, new original level, Trucks Cemetery, Full AI and A-Life overhaul, engine and script enhancements, Repeatable task system which bases itself on A-Life events, Customizable weather environments for every map as well as surges and psi-storms from AF3, Character creation which includes name, portrait and faction selection; Several optional modes such as Ironman mode, story mode and zombie survival mode, New achievements, rankings and reputation system, PDA leaderboard and enhanced PDA statistics, Companion system with keyboard issued commands, many optional side-features and community-made addons .

Find a good open source launcher/updater and configure it, or make a very simple one yourself. As for being an addon developer dealing with patches they should learn how to use GIT, the repo is public and forking Co C and doing merges takes under a minute to perform. You just put all addons in their own separate folders and configure their install order. If anyone is being inconvenienced by patches it's me and the time I take to make them and upload them.

replace line 43 of azazel_mode.script with if (se_obj and Is Stalker(nil,se_obj:clsid()) and se_obj:alive() and se_obj:community() ~= "zombied" and se_obj:community() ~= "trader" and se_obj.group_id ~= 65535) then Hello after installing this update i get CTD right after the last loading screen i tried everything even removing all the mods and reinstalling the patch nothing worked, here is the log: Since yesterday I have this same exact issue, I was trying to start a new game but it crashes before it ends loading.