Any song in the target language holds some learning value, but the best songs to seek out are the classics; the equivalent of our Fly Me to the Moon or Yesterday.These popular tunes tend to be fairly simple, with everyday language and relatable themes.

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Also, native speakers can offer valuable tips about pronunciation and colloquial speech. Friendships are a great motivator for language development.

If the group factor is intimidating, or can help learners find partners in their area for one-on-one practice.

“It’s a perfect marketplace, because it’s got plenty of liquidity,” says Potter.

“We’re pleased with it because usually, the only people who can get really good rates are those who are changing a lot of money.

Intermediate speakers can benefit from news articles.

Advanced learners can read columns and editorials, which are more likely to contain idioms, local slang, and stylised writing.

These community spaces are designed for chatting or correcting each other’s writing and speaking.

These sites often have online dating-style profiles (“English and Hungarian speaker seeks Japanese expert”) for learners to connect easily.

Audio versions with lyrics are also easy to find on You Tube.