When I tried to bring up the subject she got defensive, accusing me of jealousy and a lack of support.All that would be bad enough, but over the past year I've seen a change in her attitude.

Wait, I need to go back a few weeks and explain a few things, or this won't make any sense.

The company I work for has several clients in the UK, so I start work at a.m. It took me a while to adjust to the schedule, but now I like it.

I've chafed at the loss of time together with her and resented the demands on her that have come between us.

I still remember one evening when we were getting amorous with each other.

And when we'd bought the house, we kept the tradition going.

At first we used to leave each other embarrassing little love notes.On week days I left for the office well before she was even out of bed. You see, Ann is a realtor, and while her office has regular hours, she's basically at the mercy of any seller or buyer. Ann will drive over to your place to help you with the paperwork. Ann will arrange an open house that will tie her up all afternoon on Saturday or Sunday. I did my best to talk her out of it, but friends and associates kept encouraging her.I wasn't too worried at the time because our long-time councilman had gotten two-thirds of the vote in the last election.We had just retired to the bedroom when the phone rang.You guessed it: it was one of her real estate clients with an "emergency" that she had to go fix. But, to be fair, I also remember the time I had to cancel our plans for a weekend getaway when one of my company's biggest client had had a network outage.When I saw how happy her new responsibilities made her, I was delighted for her.