Link throwed his bonerang and Ikr used his sord to held back the gays. “Just becuz u dont beleve inhim doesnt meen hes nor reel” I sade. ” I said.“Yes u wer relly sexay in ur red dress that day Sara” Zelda said “u make me wanan rap u evan mor!!! Than Samas and Zelda lusfully loked in eachodders eyes and prassed there lucas lips togetter.

In Subspas were insanely atecked by Subspas stuff but we beet them. Snale got ot his rockette luncher an shat rockettes at the gays and blowed a buncha them up but their wer to maney. Zelda shat furballs and used the dimand sheld thin b4 turning into Shaq and using kun fu and ninja stuff. “Been a lesban isnt sumthin to be afeared of Sara” Zelda said “Im hapy now that Samas and I r dating.” “It doesnt matter how hapy u r. “Maybe ucan turn Lauren into a lesban than u 2 can dat eachodder” Zelda said. Did I mak it out safe or did Samas and Zelda tune me in2 a lesban athist librul? CHAP 9: SARA ESCAPSSo I was cowing in the cornor of Zeldas rome preying and preying 2 God 2 sav me frum becaming a lesban.“SNAPE OUTTA THIS ZELDA!!! REMEMBER WEN WE FOTE BOOZER AND FALCOR AND LATER U TEEMED UP WITH ME 2 TRY 2 SAV MARTH EVER THO IT DIDNT WORK? But Zelda and Samas keeped slowly approching me loking as deductive as passible. Then I had an idiom.“So Zelda am I pretier then Samas? ” Zelda sad.“Dame rite she aint” Samas culd swer becuz shes a lesban and goin 2 hell aneway.

So we get everbuddy adn goto Subspas to fine Marth. We open the door and saw that Marth was insid with Captan Futon and a buncha otter gay guys. Captan Fakkon skiped up to."thisis me bofrend captan facon" Mark sad. I new they culdnt make me gay becuz only getting repad by lesbans turns gurls gay but it was still scury. ” “Beleve me yule be hapy 2 wen u becom 1 of us” Samas said. ” I said “she may be the prettest gurl evar but we ned 2 goto hevan not hell. Al I culd do was prey and prey that sum1 came to my rescue.

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Peech throwed turdaps and Kerby hit them with his hummer. It was a discussing abomnation but at lease they werent dong it 2 me.

Maryo and Loogey jamped on the gays heds to kill them. “Well I used my magik combined with the pwoar of Santa and Barak Obema to seel the door to this room” Zelda said “lik it or not yule be a lesban sun! B4 lang they ware crassing eachotters subtitle beasts.

"Sara Osborne ive bean watching u for sum time," he sad, "this world isnt the only on I mad." "for real" I ask. " Samas said "anf im a antithesis so I want u 2 goto hell for bein gay like me." than Samas tred too rap me she took of my shirt (I had my bra under so I wasnt tipless) adn my shirt which had pantees under it so I still wasnt nakid. "but im a lesban so im a femanast and im not gonna lissen to u" Samas said. They were fancy hi-hells from goosepy zanaty that cast my mom $2000. "yea sorry I mad u do that" "its ok Samas is a librul so she hadit cumin" March said. He was like if the looks of Jaykob and Juston Beeber were combined with the genus of Sean Hanety and Ross Limbog. But their were also libruls like Bowser and Ganandorf and Waro and Donky Khan and Diddy and Metal Nite and Picachoo and Pacman Tranner and the other Pacmans and Wolf and Fux Mcledo and Falcon and Captan Falco (who was Samas boyfrend b4 they both turd gay from a govermint vaksine). CHAP 3: HE FINALLE SMASHthe next day I was in my first mach of my carer. We were the rad tem becuase were consercativs and they wear the blu tem becuas they wer libruls. I pulled out ny dads shitgun and shat the athist pastor. Hes the wurst teecher evar.“Gesunhate (“Hello” in Germen) Lord Satin! (thats how they talk in Britishland)” King Jorge said.“Hello my Master Lord Satin! I new that all of us Christens wer in sirius treble if we had 2 fite thes 4 comanasts.

"so everbuddy else leave." "ok" my classmates left the room. Lucklily Link and Math and Icke wear nearbye so they git hoarses and ran up and came b4 iy was to late. "yea wereman and your a women so lissen to us" Link said. In the manshan I met other Christens like Peach and Zelda and Ton Link and Pit and Nas and Luckas and Kerby and King Deedee and the Maryo bros (Mary and Lugia) and Sonec and Sold Snape, who was Marth's father (I dont think he was Marths father ibn the gam but wouldnt it be cool if he was) and Clod Strafe and the real Master Chef (those 2 werent in smash bros for some resin but there in this). God will juge u when u dye and if u insult Christens tehn he will send u too Hell! I had to star at my pics off justan beber and jayncob 4 even longer then I usuely do wen Lauren comes over 2 kep me strait. If any1 objects 2 this onion speck now or forevar hold ur piece” the athist pastor sed. King Jorge crusifed Jesas but than Jorge Wasinton killed him 2 make America free and becam the first presadent. Also hes givin Becky a beter grad in his clas prolly becuz shes an athist 2 and a lesban (she sad shes a femanast wich is the sam thin).

I hed 2 tak a brake frum riting becuz I was so hurt by ur acualizations. I wor a nice dress but not my best one becuz I didnt aprov of the weeding. I used my supper strenth 2 through him threw a wall and than shat him agen evan tho it still didnt do anythin. We told everone ther abot the gay weding we stopped and their were hi fives al around. We both were makup and put efirt in r hare and dont try 2 lok manely and r relly pretty and the 1 tim my dad tok me to hom depo I thot it was boaring and hatted it their!!! Wen we want passed one rome we herd voises cumin from inside. He was a leftwang excrement who killed consertatives in conservation camps.

CHAP 7: FEETBALL GAEM the next day Link waked me up an told me that the No Yirk Jet were playin agenst the Hirool Fotball team that day. I used 2 lik the Danver Brikos becuz they had Teboo but than they get rad of him prolly becuz there couch was a gay librul soshalest or sumthin. Lauren is a pretty girl but I dont like girls that wat and nether dos she. It gut his atention tho and he runned over to me and tred 2 fite me. He flayed up into the are and fired a magic blust at me lik in the gam macarena of tim. Once we did that, Lauren and me went on a doble dat 2 chickfila with r boyfrends. Me and Lauren were waking don the hall han an han with R BOFRENS LONK AND ICK. Boshs falt (becuz Ubama alwas blams Bosh 4 his fallures)” Bork Ogama said.“Its tim we sumun r ultamet wepons! The 4 hoarsemans of the alpacalips jus liek in the Bibal! Satin opaned a porthole an the four mos terble comanists in allof histary came on at a tim. He was the presadent of Germeny during one of those world war thins.

Mastre Hanes saw this and so he skeduled a hug consort 4 us. He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said...” Tailer Swift sang. Wen Samas got too the stag Tad Nuget grabed his asalt ruffle and shat her like a billion times. “Shell be stay in ur rom becuyz Samas had losts of lesban sax on her bed so she prolly dont wanna slip their” Crapy Hans sad. I called him 2 congradulat him (I had his privet fone nomber) and than LAuren and me went 2 slap. ” I said.“Link as u no im the princess of Hirole so I mad a new law” she said “STRAITNESS IS NOW ILLEGAL!!! She is my BFF forever and I adorn her with every fibber of my bean. I ned 2 go to Hom Depo with my girlfren Samas now tho so im leving.”Zelda blowed me a kiss and than she laffed evully and than she left.“wat shuld we do! If any yall think ima lesban then I shuld let u no im 100 percant not and nether is Lauren.

Also yall need to stop saiyan bad thans about my storey, libruls! CHAP 6: THE CONSART thew next day all the conserbatovs wer sad that March and Snak were gay libruls now (Snak evan chaned his nam frum Soiled Smock to Solendra Snaef). Luckly Rudley cold fly so he grapped Tayler Soft and carred her out of Samas clatches. Goto the studiem nao.” I was sad that I had 2 fite Marth even tho I was dating Link. We want 2 the mach agenst Marth and Capten Fulcone. I throwed up and so did Lauren and so did all the otter Christen watchen. We massed the fettbill gam but we saw that the Jers won and Tom Tebo scared a buncha pants. I new she wuld evantully be pardanned by Bareck Obaka but I hopped the wasingtan burowcrasy wuld dely her pardan lon enuf 4 a Republeken too be elect or for Obamuh 2b impech. “Zelda we ned to ran” but Zelda was bloking the door “whats gone on? “And son yule be a lesban to” Zelda whaspered in my otter era. ” I sade.“Im nut her 4 u thes tim Sexay Sara” Zelda sed.“Than why r u here? Its alweys relly fun wen im with her and I fel relly good. And im not gay and nether r u.”“rite” I new Link wasnt gay and even mor then that I new I wasnt a lesban.

I actived it and it cussed me to turn into an angle. I nerver seen someone us a finale smash withotu a smash ball b4! Lauren was relly pritty wen she sleped but I didnt kiss her on the lips becuz that is what lesbans do and im not a lesban. The naxt day I was lissening 2 Rash Limbag on the radio with Lauren and Lank and Oak and I reelized wat the for hoarsemans were dong last nite.“Today acorn rugged the electron in Germeny so that Adolg Hetlure is now there presadent agen.

I used my holly powers to stroke down the lendmaster and defete Falco."this gams winer: rad tema" the narater said. " he said."Its because of the powers God gave me.""Cool. Wart rain tords Snack and het him with a motosicle. They also riged it in Asia so that Mosey Dong is now presadent of Asia agen to.

Despit all these their war to many gays in The Room so we had too retret. I tred to kick the door and scram 4 halp but it was a relly stron seel and sondprof. I ranned over 2 Lauren and huged her and crayed.“They wer gone 2 turn me into a lesban!