The segments are also fun and funny but not exceptional. • Mike predicament in the opening bit is reminiscent of five or six action movies that were out at that time, especially “The Bourne Identity.” • That’s Patrick and Beez as the tourists, Ann and Norm.

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Believing that there is still more to the city, Lorenzo had the city buried to protect its existence until a time that he is ready to return and uncover its remaining secrets. now aged 63, was institutionalized for life at the Parsons State Insane Asylum by order of his family in order to protect himself and his children from harm.

Jack devoted his life to studying the artifact and subsequently developing a serum derived from his father's blood that grants his family the ability to live for more than four hundred years.

• This episode marks two Wizard of Id references in two weeks.

• During the dull scuba sequences, nobody thinks to mention that his lungs are aching for air. • A few fans conjectured that segment 3 was BBI’s response to some fan complaints (baloney, if you ask me) that the show was overdoing jokes mocking the movie characters’ nationality.

Chỉ hơn 1 tháng sau đám cưới, nàng dâu mới đã phải chạy trốn khỏi gia đình nhà chồng sau khi biết rằng cô đã bị bán cho các nhà làm phim sex.

Đó là câu chuyện của Rita Devi với cuộc hôn nhân đẫm nước mắt của mình.

• There’s kind of an odd moment in segment 2 where Gypsy doesn’t know who Pearl is. • About a third the way through the episode, one of the characters on the boat climbs quickly down a ladder, and is shot from below.

Apparently we could see quite a bit up his shorts because Sci-Fi Channel felt the need to put a digital fig leaf over it, in the form of the spaghetti ball logo.

The incident sparked a bit of a debate among online MSTies about censorship, etc.

• Incidentally, this addition to the episode apparently was made AFTER the episode was submitted to Sci-Fi Channel for broadcast, because M&TB do not react to the appearance of the logo, and instead react in horror to seeing what the logo covered up.

Những năm qua, dù các lực lượng chức năng đã có nhiều nỗ lực trong công tác phòng chống tệ nạn mại dâm, nhưng hiện nay, thực trạng mại dâm ở TP. Nhiều giải pháp, biện pháp quản lý, giám sát nhằm giảm vấn nạn này đã và đang được triển khai nhưng xem ra chưa mấy hiệu quả…