This university is its own city, and prides itself on being the last university in the United States to only admit male students.

We might be accused of being sexist and discriminating, but we operate based upon our own traditions.

We believe that is why our methods make us the highest rated university on the west coast.

We are proud of our male student population, but we also acknowledge that a man's life can steer wrong without female influence.

This is why all our students live with their mothers." Tony sat for a moment, drinking in her words. It wouldn't have been the first time he had dreamt of something so strange. She was judging his reaction just as much as he was judging hers.

Such insanity didn't exist in the real world though; he knew that. Tony let himself breathe for a few moments, hoping that he would just wake up in his bed.

Now, you may ask why, and I promise the answer is simple. That made them mommy-boobs; Tony made up the word in his mind in a fraction of a second, almost as a product of pure instinct. Tony wanted to slap himself across the face for thinking something so filthy about his own mother, but that was the truth of it.

What is up on those hills, less than a mile from the ocean I might add, is its own world. After all, what kind of sick shit is having your mother live in the same room as you for all of college? It was enough to get Tony's cock hard, as much as he tried to imagine that it didn't.

That was how dreams work after all, if you stop participating in them actively they just kind of slide away.

But his mother's beautifully cut blonde hair still fell slightly over her bright, intelligent eyes as she stared at him, as real and in the moment as ever.

And when he finally did respond, he swore he didn't even think of the words before they tumbled out, "Yes I will." "I'm glad to hear it.