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If left unabated, experts forecast severe economic downturn and a breakdown in the fabric of social life.

Mary Brinton, a Harvard sociologist, tells Business Insider that the situation will get only worse until Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cabinet get with the times.

He enlisted major corporations to offer their employees lifelong job security, asking only that workers repay them with loyalty. Japan's economy is now the third largest in the world, and it's largely because of Yoshida's efforts 65 years ago.

But there was a clear downside to that economic growth.

It's midnight in Tokyo and Takehiro Onuki has just left the office, 16 hours after his shift began.

Onuki, a 31-year-old salesman, is headed to the train station to catch the a.m.

She chides him for making too much noise and he apologizes.

Then, with his food still digesting and his alarm set for 7 a.m., he creeps into bed, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

In the early 1950s, fertility rates hovered at a healthy 2.75 children per woman, UN data shows.

By 1960, as businesses asked more and more of their employees, the fertility rate had fallen to 2.08.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Trump seized on recent news that a member of Mr Mueller’s team had been fired after it was determined he had sent anti-Trump messages.