The plan was to study from 9 PM all the way to 9 AM, which is when my next final (2.003) started. NEVER do it, it's miserable, but I did learn a lot!

It was a lot of reading and a lot of writing, but it was good, I learned a lot. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to get a quick nap in before my flight. Posted by: : EMAIL: on December 20, 2008 Oh man, congrats!!!

I took a physics midterm a bit back (doing physics outside of school) that I was sure I failed, and got an A (maybe everyone else just failed worse, I dunno). Like "Whoa, I actually learned as much as I was supposed to." Alas, after this year I'll probably have to give up the hope of ever getting A's in physics again.

The weak and colonized can be relied upon to call dominant powers arrogant. Then you get criticized for being overbearing and presumptuous.

Americans are merely the latest recipients of the label. When American tourists presume foreigners automatically speak English – voila! Around the world, America’s influence has been growing.

That struggle for life culminated on Wednesday last week with a 3 hour, Katy bar the door, hold me tightly sweet Jesus, weep for me, *sob* final that could be equated to being repeatedly paddled in the face.

After that moment it was just a constant struggle for life.

My body had simply given up, I had expended every ounce of everything (something that you will do if you go here). I got A's in Digital Poetry and Advanced Toy Design. Honestly, getting B in that class was just about as exciting/unexpected as getting into MIT (I know what it feels like, I'm allowed to compare the two). That B has made the last, oh, 16 hours I've been spending in this airport TOTALLY worth it. My flight leaves at AM (I've already been on two canceled flights, I'm hoping this one doesn't get canceled. I'm still waiting for my 2.003 grade, but I'm not nearly as scared of that class.

I got a B- in my HASS class, Forms of Western Narrative, which I'm totally cool with because I actually enjoyed the class. I didn't fail, and not only didn't I fail but I also got a B! If it does then I may be stuck in Boston for Christmas because the airport I'm trying to fly into is about to get buried in the worst snow since 2003. Next semester I'll do it all over again and the year after that and the year after that. I thought 2.003 was miserable...except I don't think they'll be as forgiving in 2.003. I guess I'll be holding my breath waiting for those grades to come out.

Around the globe, nobody gets burned in effigy more often than the U. They may be large and loud and prudish, but they’re not particularly arrogant.

Moava er Norges ledende leverandør av hjemmesider til skoler og barnehager.

Well, not about doing ok, because MIT hasn't completely broken me yet, but this last semester was when I realized that MIT actually was hard. After my first test I was pretty screwed, it's hard to recover from two standard deviations below average.