Within 250: If the property is within 250 of the SFHA boundary, it tells you.

Because of minor sources of error, if the property is outside a flood zone, but within 250 of one, this method is not accurate enough to make a definitive determination.

The idea is to identify flood risks that may be present even if the location is not in a flood zone.

Meter/Risk Meter Online FEMA Flood Map Updates To see the latest FEMA map revisions digitally updated on the Risk Meter Online, please go to: report builds upon the standard Flood Report.

However, in addition to the flood data, the report also identifies flood risks that are nearby.

If the location falls within a flood zone, the report estimates what the water depth would be during the 100 year flood.

The official Base Flood Elevation (BFE) is used if there is one on the FEMA map.

This report shows whether or not the address entered falls into a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA The 100-year flood plain, or 1% probability of flooding each year), as well as a FEMA Flood Zone.

The FEMA source data has been updated and significantly enhanced.This means the coastline can be edited to remove insignificant water. * Note - Generally companies set a maximum distance that they are interested in checking (i.e.2) You can determine what distances you want to check (Ex. once youre more than 10 miles inland, how far the property is from the shoreline according to the distance measure selected during the setup of the account. Availability: All coastal States (Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf Coast) A custom shoreline can be developed for your account so that only water that your company considers coastal will be used.Census Tract: Census tracts are small, relatively permanent statistical subdivisions of a county or statistically equivalent entity delineated by local participants as part of the U. Census Bureaus participant statistical areas program. However, CDS covers all areas where FEMA maps are available.The Base Flood Elevation can be returned from the FEMA flood maps where available.The Risk Meter can perform more than 30 different lookups, including distance to coast, rating territory, flood zone, eligibility, proximity to brush and EQ hazards.