Ans: The Problem Was Faced Many CA Using Webtel Software Due To Non Updation. The process is as follows: Go to Programme → Microsoft Office → Microsoft Office Access 2003/2007 → New blank data base →Click blank data base → A window with file name database1.accdb will appear on the right hand side pane → Click on create →Your new date base is saved by default in my Documents. As per section 273B, no penalty is imposable under section 271B on the assessee for the above failure if he proves that there was reasonable cause for the said failure. A Chartered Accountant in practice registered himself with his DSC in the e-filing website. I Suggest Submitting Revised Return or Making Rectification U/S 154. When we reopen draft saved xml file, many fields which we had already entered is showing blank. The software has some inherent errors as a result when we reopen draft saved xml file, it shows blank i.e. These fields are 7(B), 8(B), 9(A), 10, 11(D), 12(B), 21(Notes), 22(A), 22 AND 23. (You may save the same to your choice folder) A new data base is opened. The onus of proving reasonable cause is on the assessee. But he neither received any sms nor any activation link in his e-mail.

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Runtime Environment – JRE 1.7 Update 6 and above, 32 Bit is required to run applets for offline forms to work. I am unable to register as CA as there is difference in name/date of birth as per ICAI and PAN data. Kindly also note that the day you receive a SMS that your pan amendment has been approved, you will be able to register at site whether you actually receive PAN or not. It is also advised to attach the working of calculation of depreciation under the Income Tax act, 1961 as a schedule so that breakup of each group is easily visible to the IT department.

Alternatively, please follow instructions given by ICAI in such case which are available at What are the documents to be attached to Tax Audit Report? B/S, P&L, Annexures, Notes, Cost Audit Report and Excise Audit and Other Report, if any, scanned in pdf format after being duly signed by Assessee and CA, whether digital or physical. In view of our time constraint, such fixed assets may be grouped into different blocks of assets and each of these groups can be further divided into 2 parts. The above can be summarized in the following steps: Step 1 – All fixed assets may be grouped into different blocks of assets.

Go to and click External data → Click XML file Browse the xml file for which you want to create/view or save the data → Click OK → Import XML → Click OK → Check the box “Save import steps”→ Close. Some of the instances where Tribunals/Courts have accepted as “reasonable cause” are as follows: (a) Resignation of the tax auditor and consequent delay; (b) Bona fide interpretation of the term `turnover’ based on expert advice; (c) Death or physical inability of the partner in charge of the accounts; (d) Labour problems such as strike, lock out for a long period, etc.; (e) Loss of accounts because of fire, theft, etc. When he tried again to register himself, the message was that he is already registered.

Your data base is ready, on the left hand side pane the indexes for “All Tables” do appear. beyond the control of the assessee; (f) Non-availability of accounts on account of seizure; (g) Natural calamities, commotion, etc. What is the format for maintaining records of Tax Audit Assignments? But when he tried to log in, it was informed that the link is not activated.

Step 5 – It is also advised to attach the working of calculation of depreciation under the Income Tax act, 1961, as a schedule, so that breakup of each group is easily visible to the IT department. Open the xml file in Internet Explorer and check it.

You can edit xml file, however you have to adopt unceremonious way to edit the xml file for the necessary correction for the item in subsequent rows of point 28A. A Tax Audit Report which has not been approved by assessee can be revised.

Therefore it is advised to fill up point 28A before filling any other point from point 7 onwards. We have received demand relating to AY 2012-13, for almost for all companies for which income tax return were filled using Webtel software. However after it has been approved by the assessee, it should not be revised.

The demand pertains to non-deduction of deprecation u/s. However, it can be printed from assessee’s login id, even before approval by assessee as the said xml file can be downloaded, from assessee’s login id, in the pdf format by default. However, there is no restriction by the utility, as of now, to upload revised xml. of the firm/ firms of which the member is a proprietor or partner. Is communication with the previous tax auditor necessary?

c) Audit U/S 44AD, 44AE, 44AF will not be included in the limit. Please advice in case of partnership firm can only one partner sign all the reports? [Clause 12 of Part I of Schedule I of Chartered Accountants Act states that “A CA in practice will be guilty if he allows a person not being a member of the institute in practice, or a member not being his partner to sign on his behalf or on behalf of his firm, any balance-sheet, P&L a/c, report or financial statements“] Q4. In my view, you can follow the below mentioned steps: a) Combine data of two Tax Audit Reports and submit as one b) If tax audit conducted by two CAs, any CA can submit.