Silver Crane) – a personalized reproduction of the statuette specially created for the purpose by the sculptor Audrius Liaudanskas when the Awards were founded).The Author of the prize a sculptor Audrius Liaudanskas once had told: The Crane was a special order.

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The voting process The voting process is comprised of the following steps: The Selection and Assessment Committee (5 to 7 film makers and/or professionals) is assigned by Li KA’s Council at the latest 40 days before estimated date of the Awards ceremony.

The Committee and works on the first round selecting and assessing applied for Awards nominations films.

All films, as defined by national policy, are eligible for Academy Awards consideration – whether Lithuanian productions or co-productions – as long as they have obtained the corresponding certification and have received their first public exhibition in a motion picture theatre between April 1 of the current year.

The producer or rights holder of each film is responsible for submitting the application issued by the Lithuanian Film Academy administration, listing all the required information concerning the film at the latest 60 days before estimated date of the Awards ceremony.

The winners are chosen among three (or more/less, depending on the qualifying round results) nominations on the basis of accumulating the highest number of votes in each category.

Voting for awards is conducted by the secret vote online at the latest 10 days before estimated date of the Awards ceremony.

Academy’s administration is responsible for the secured development of the online voting system and its database for the first and second rounds, handling of voting procedures, setting up vote count and publication of results with supervision by lawyers, organizing a press conference to announce nominations.

Each year, the Council bestows a lifetime achievement award for outstanding contribution to cinema.

The top three films that have accumulated the highest number of Committee votes are nominated in all categories.

The list of selected films is divided into particular number of nominations, approved by Council and offered to Li KA members for the second round of the voting at the latest 25 days before estimated date of the Awards ceremony.

When the film people have created the Awards they decided to come to me with the request to create the prize.