To help Brandi and her family with medical costs, visit her Go Fund Me Page.Spokane Police are investigating a kidnapping of a six month old child.The suspect has been detained, and the child has been placed into protective custody. Today, November 17, before AM, Spokane Police made contact with a male outside the Public Safety Building to assist with two young children who had been left in his custody.

The baby was evaluated by medical personnel, and was taken into protective custody.

The suspect is in Police custody, and charges are expected later in the day.

Gallagher says the care has been phenomenal.“I keep learning the Spanish word for happy. She is expected to return home in two weeks and says the first thing she will do is hug her three children.

The US Embassy recommends doing your research before you travel as some Mexican hospitals require payment upfront.

The male advised a female he had met on Facebook had taken the baby with her, and he had been unable to contact her again.

The female suspect had created a fraudulent identity on Facebook to set a ruse for the male and mother of the baby to lure them from the Tri-Cities area to Spokane.The male believed he was taking the children to be with family.The male was operating under a separate ruse which had been perpetrated by the suspect on Facebook. - A Spokane woman, injured during a trip to Mexico says the hospital she was brought tried to extort tens of thousands of dollars from loved ones and held her hostage when her family tried to move her.Spokane resident Brandi Gallagher loves to travel and last week added Mexico to the list of impressive destinations she'd visited.Doctors inserted a tube into her lung and she was stable, but the hospital told her family a different story. First, the hospital demanded thirty-five thousand dollars; telling her family to sell their cars and their houses to get the money.