(As a bisexual lady, I feel OK about this since I do the asking about as often as I get asked, so it doesn't seem skewed.

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(Since I've been married it's just whoever's wallet is easier at hand.) I like getting free stuff as much as the next person and will never argue about the check with my expense-account-toting boss.

But splitting on dates just seemed to make things easy and straightforward from the outset, so it made me more comfortable, at least at the very beginning," says Elizabeth, 28."I think for early or more casual dates, it makes sense to split, or the person that did the asking can pay, at least the first time.

It's about personal finances, a power struggle between men and women to attain equality, prove we can pay too, but still enjoy being treated, and what's comfortable for us.

This is definitely a topic that won't find a complete resolution anytime soon, which is cool, because eternal mysteries are a blast.

It's really about the courtesy of the guy paying on the first date, and the tacit mutuality of back-and-forth paying after that.

I've seen some absolute RANTS from guys online about women just going out with them for the free meal — this is on their DATING PROFILES, by the way — and that the woman should expect to pay for her own drinks.

Honestly, are there women out there who will go out with a guy just for the free drinks? But if a guy really expects that he can spend money on a woman and she'll keep going out with him, or that he ‘deserves’ something from her, that's f'ed up," says Diana, 36.

You just don't show up to a date expecting a free meal; you just don't."I think it shouldn't be assumed that he is going to pay.

I always accepted dates only if I knew I could afford me.

Of course, now that I'm married, it's whichever one of us has money in the bank account," says Colleen, 30.

You better pick up the tab, or forget it."I'm old school. I think in the end, you can't blame anyone for wanting a free meal.