ALSO is a three person design company located in two cities.Matt and Jenny work from Chicago and Julia from Brooklyn NY.

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Over the span of his 40-year career, Art’s surfing images and beach portraits have graced diverse mainstream publications such as . Jesse Brown is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Seattle, WA.

Will Bryant makes stuff as a freelance creative at Public School, an Austin based collective comprised of designers, illustrators, and photographers.

Darren Booth is an illustrator and typographer based in Canada.

After receiving his formal art education from Sheridan College, he worked several years at a day job before leaving to pursue his freelance career full-time.

Matt Beaumont has written seven novels, starting in 2000 with e and most recently e2.

The five intervening books have more expansive titles. He has been described by the as “unflaggingly funny,” and by Maria Beaumont as “a sorry and pathetic mess.” Noa Bembibre is a Helsinki-based designer working in art direction and graphic design.Bryant has recently had the honor to work with Gowalla, Nike, Chronicle Books, K2, and would like to collaborate with you.Daniel Cassaro is a designer, animator and print-maker living in Brooklyn, New York.Kate Bingaman Burt was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1977.She has been making work about consumption since 2002, teaching since 2004 and drawing until her hand cramps since 2006.He puts words on paper so that they might be accountable for themselves.