Firmware Version 2.0.3 for the EOS 7D incorporates the following fixes: The fixes listed above are corrections for the phenomena experienced with firmware version 2.0.0.

These phenomena will not occur in firmware version 1.2.5 or before.

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During launch week, those attempting to play the digital PS3 edition of GTA 5 were also experiencing streaming issues and severe lag.

Available to download from the PSN, the GTA 5 PS3 digital copy has been found to be plagued with streaming problems, with the expansive in-game world proving too large and detailed to be digitally replicated in real-time.

A recent post on Rockstar's support website (via Video Gamer) informs owners of the 12GB PS3 model that they will soon need to purchase a storage upgrade if they want to be able to play Grand Theft Auto Online.

That's because, following the 1.16 patch released on August 19 (the flight school update), the system will no longer have enough space to store future updates and content, which must be installed to play GTA V's online multiplayer mode.

The issues apparently occur when attempting to complete the first mission where you drive around as Franklin, but can happen at any point during the mission and entirely at random."There is no precursor for the game locking up," complains one gamer."It appears to happen completely randomly and at different times during the mission."Rockstar Games' technical support told the GTAforums user that "they are still in the process of gathering data and trying to determine if this is something that is patchable."Xbox technical support on the other hand told users to follow a specific set of instructions that many users have found to cure the problem.

Some users have been unable to view the Horizon Zero Dawn opening movie because of a bug that causes it to crash.

Leaving the people like me, who've already bought the camera having to shell out for the W-E1 card without any offer of a discount.

Canon has released the firmware update it promised for the EOS 7D Mark II when it launched the W-E1 'card-shaped' wireless adapter.

It also seemed to like one or two movies more than others (Unfaithful).

All in all it was an okay watch if you are bored on a week night.

Firmware updates are great if they fix or add to a camera; but what dissapoints me with this is that Canon misssed out functionality that most other cameras in this price range have, wireless.